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The French Riviera – 3 days


If you’re wondering whether Nice makes for a good holiday destination, go ahead, blindly book it.

We had a long weekend at our hands and had been wanting to go to the French Riveira for a long long time. A quick read and research later, we booked our flights to Nice! You’d not feel like you are in one of the posh’-est’ parts of France as you get out of the airport, but once you hit the promendade, MAMA-MIA, beauty at its best! But these are some of the things we managed into our 3 day itinerary when in the French Rivier

Promenade des Anglais

Spread over almost 7 kilometres, this promenade is one of the best things to do when in Nice. Walk, run, stroll, people-watch, the promenade cannot be missed even if you tried. Highly highly recommended.

Step on to the ”pebble” beach!

I have not see a pebbled beach in my little travels so this one blew my mind. Having pebbles instead of sand, makes for a great reflexology session and also makes some amazing pictures. If you plan to spend some time on the beach, you back would thank you if you picked a thicker towel to lay on!

We went to Cannes

A lot of people advised us against going to Cannes – because there was nothing to see there. Did we listen? No. Are we glad we did not listen? No. Honestly, there wasn’t much to do in Cannes given our hurried trip. We were a little curious to see how Cannes really was, otherwise famous for the film festivals. There was a red-carpet footpath if you may. But if you’re here, a walk around the old quarter of Cannes is worth your travel – Le Sequet. Its located near the La Crosette, are a number of quaint little restaurants and some Michelin starred ones too! If you are going off-season, the prices at the restaurants could be a steal – sometimes, 20 EUR for a 3 course meal!

The Rue d’Antibes is also one of Cannes’s famed tourist attractions – window shop along famous brands or walk into one of the little patisseries or cafes for a break.

Monte-Carlo, Monaco

For those living under a rock, the Monte-Carlo casino is one of the World’s most famous casino’s. Credits to the reputation also go out to James Bond’s Casino Royale which showed off Monte-Carlo with much aplomb. The interiors of the Casino can make for several amazing backdrops for insta-worthy pictures! I lost a few EURs at the casino but was careful not to spend too much! Smart me. Unless you’re an expert, it is highly recommended to keep the moneys in the pocket!

Walk around the casino to the exit behind, where you are audience to a panoramic view of the ocean, fancy yachts and boats alike. The view is one of the best views of the landscapes, that is Monaco.

While you are in Monaco, a stroll along the very very attractive Japanese Garden in Monaco. A complete unexpected world to what Monaco is, once you are in the zen-world, all you hear are the swish-swoosh of the trees and little water falls.

Quick tip – During your walk from the Casino to the Japanese Garden, you will come across a make-shift F1 car model – hop in for a quick picture if you’d like. We saw tourists drive by, stop for a moment, hop into the car and pose for a picture. Also, you’d already know whether or not you fit into the driver’s seat, not for the pot-bellies 😀

A walk along the end of the garden also leads you to a beach-y strip of land, which is definitely quieter than the main beach area.

If you are a car enthusiast, Monaco and especially car-spotting near the Casino is highly recommended.

Getting to Cannes and Monaco

Trains are the most popular (and cheaper) way for you to get there.
Cannes – About 35 mins train ride from Nice (Nice-Ville) and Monaco is about 20 minutes.
Get your tickets from the ticket machines at the entrance platform at Nice or get some help at the Ticket counter.

If you’re jet-setting, the above list will help you scratch the surface of things you’d want to see in the French Riviera.

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